Monday, March 24, 2008

Sooooooooo sick!!

This is gonna be short and sweet. I have the infamous cold thats going around. You know, head ache, sore throat, no voice, stuffed-up nose, hacking cough, hard to breath, and sore chest??? Yeah, thats the one...thank goodness theres advil!!! And Delsym cough medicine...lasts for 12 hours...I gotta go rest some more...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


O.k., anyone who has had hemorroids probably doesn't think that they are too fun. Here's a little true story so you know your not alone!!! It's so funny that i had to share it with everyone eles because when I was told I laughed til I cried!!! It would also help if you knew the 2 people it happened to but it's funny all the same!!! I'm just gonna call them boy and!!!
Boy had hemorrhoids so bad that he could hardly sit down. So he got some Preparation H. I didn't know about this stuff, but apparently, it comes in a tube that you have to stick in your butt...So boy asked girl if she would do it for him. Girl loves him so she agrees to do it so the pain will stop and boy will feel better.
So boy gets ready and girl prepares the medicine. girl shoves the applicater up boys butt and squeezes the tube...she squeezes harder and doesn't understand why its not working. She tells boy that the cream isn't working and removes the thing.
Well, here's the funny part!!! She forgot to take the cap off!!! LMAO!!! So the moral of the story is...CAPS OFF TO PREPARATION H!!!
Hope you laughed as hard as i did!!! Have a good one!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

It never ends...

Omg, how many times do i have to do laundry??? It's never ending, and I don't understand because there is only the three of us!!! It seems like all day everyday my washer and drier are non stop!!! It's like the case of the missing sock...i know there really isn't house hippos, although i twould be amazing if there was!!! LOL!!!

I am a faithful user of tide, original tide that is. Did anyone eles notice that the smell of it changed recently??? Dont get me wrong, it still smells AMAZING, but its just different!!! I still love it but just not as much!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


I hate my new phones!!! I went and bought a set of 3 cordless phones and they suck!!! The only option for ringers is on and off!!! There is no volume or cool ringers...and you cant download any!!! I'm really dissapointed!!! And there is no re-dial...and when I hit flash, it hangs up on one of the people that i'm talking to!!! Again, more dissapointment...I'm taking them back and getting some new ones from the phone company!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Princess Poopy Pants!!! LOL

Today is Destiny's day...She is the most beautiful baby in the whole entire world!!! I nicknamed her Princess Poopy Pants because when she was first born everytime iI changed her diaper, I went through at least 2-3!!! She always seemed to go as soon as i got a new one under her bottom!!! LOL!!!

She is so fun to watch because everything is "new" to her. Just watching her closely examining a toy, turning it around and around and then tasting it is an awesome part of my day!!! She is just shy of 8 months old. She has got the daintiest little hands and most of the time she is sooo gentle.

We went to the party today and she was all dressed up like a princess...was too cute!!! Had a good day, thanks Brandi!!! Then went over to mom's to have a turkey dinner, yummmmmm!!! Thanks mama!!! Going to watch a movie now. TTFN...luv ya!!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

My main man

Today was kinda hectic...but really fun. I got up and got Jordan off to school, cleaned up the house, Jason came for a visit, I went to Sussex to get my new cordless phones and DVD player, rushed back to Hampton in time to meet Kimber and Ashley for coffee, went to Kim's, came home (Ashley came too), got Jordan ready to go to his other family's for the weekend (hate that he goes there), and Ash and I ate nachos (yeah, i know again...but I love 'em). And THEN got a shower and went to Brandi's til 10-10:30pm, stopped in at mom's and FINALLY came home!!! Yup...busy day!!!
Now I'm gonna tell you about my main man. Jordan is 5 and in kindergarden. He is sooooo funny. The way kids percieve things and the stuff they say at this age is halarious!!! He's an awesome big brother to Destiny and keeps smiles on her face too!!! I was a teeny bit nervous to bring home a new baby since for almost a full 5 yrs (he turned 5 three mos after she was born) he's been my one and only...but there wasn't and still isn't a jealous bone in this guys body!!! He's the best and he loves to help out with EVERYTHING!!! I couldn't have asked for a better boy thean the one I have!!! Mom loves you so much Jordy boy!!!
Well, I'm exhausted and heading to bed. I have got a Royal Ball to attend tomorrow with Princess Destiny. Poor Prince Jordan has to miss it because this is his weekend away:( We sure do miss him when hes gone. Til tomorrow...luv ya!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

here's my thoughts...

I was driving to Hampton today and thinkin about my blog. I decided that I would sorta "introduce" me and my family. I guess today will be all about me...
I'm pretty much a stubborn Capricorn. Any one who knows me would tell you that I am the most stubborn person EVER!!! Sometimes a good quality to have...other times, not so much!!! I am Princess Wendy for a reason though, I can usually get what I want, maybe not exactly when I want but eventually!!! LOL!!!
I have two children. Jordan is my main man and he is 5, and Destiny is my little lady and she is only 7 months. (I will tell you about Jordan tomorrow and Destiny the next.) Just before Christmas Jordan's father decided that he was gonna take him for the weekend and not return him!!! Omg, let me tell you thats one nightmare i wouldn't wish on ANYONE!!! I recently started having nightmares about it every sux.
Enough about that. I guess there isnt very much to tell about me...Since I labeled this blog my thoughts then I guess I'll rant on about another one of my "driving" thoughts...
I was thinking how sad it is that I really don't talk to many of my friends anymore. I started wondering if facebook is really a good thing??? Don't get me wrong, I love it, but now it's almost as if I don't need to interact PHYSICALLY in the flesh with I'm just words on a screen to them an them to me!!! When you look at it that way, isn't it sad???
Oh yeah, my favorite thing to munch on is nachos with hamburger and melted cheese, and salsa...yep, going to do it up right now!!! til tomorrow...luv ya!!!