Saturday, March 15, 2008

Princess Poopy Pants!!! LOL

Today is Destiny's day...She is the most beautiful baby in the whole entire world!!! I nicknamed her Princess Poopy Pants because when she was first born everytime iI changed her diaper, I went through at least 2-3!!! She always seemed to go as soon as i got a new one under her bottom!!! LOL!!!

She is so fun to watch because everything is "new" to her. Just watching her closely examining a toy, turning it around and around and then tasting it is an awesome part of my day!!! She is just shy of 8 months old. She has got the daintiest little hands and most of the time she is sooo gentle.

We went to the party today and she was all dressed up like a princess...was too cute!!! Had a good day, thanks Brandi!!! Then went over to mom's to have a turkey dinner, yummmmmm!!! Thanks mama!!! Going to watch a movie now. TTFN...luv ya!!!

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