Wednesday, March 19, 2008


O.k., anyone who has had hemorroids probably doesn't think that they are too fun. Here's a little true story so you know your not alone!!! It's so funny that i had to share it with everyone eles because when I was told I laughed til I cried!!! It would also help if you knew the 2 people it happened to but it's funny all the same!!! I'm just gonna call them boy and!!!
Boy had hemorrhoids so bad that he could hardly sit down. So he got some Preparation H. I didn't know about this stuff, but apparently, it comes in a tube that you have to stick in your butt...So boy asked girl if she would do it for him. Girl loves him so she agrees to do it so the pain will stop and boy will feel better.
So boy gets ready and girl prepares the medicine. girl shoves the applicater up boys butt and squeezes the tube...she squeezes harder and doesn't understand why its not working. She tells boy that the cream isn't working and removes the thing.
Well, here's the funny part!!! She forgot to take the cap off!!! LMAO!!! So the moral of the story is...CAPS OFF TO PREPARATION H!!!
Hope you laughed as hard as i did!!! Have a good one!!!

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