Friday, March 14, 2008

My main man

Today was kinda hectic...but really fun. I got up and got Jordan off to school, cleaned up the house, Jason came for a visit, I went to Sussex to get my new cordless phones and DVD player, rushed back to Hampton in time to meet Kimber and Ashley for coffee, went to Kim's, came home (Ashley came too), got Jordan ready to go to his other family's for the weekend (hate that he goes there), and Ash and I ate nachos (yeah, i know again...but I love 'em). And THEN got a shower and went to Brandi's til 10-10:30pm, stopped in at mom's and FINALLY came home!!! Yup...busy day!!!
Now I'm gonna tell you about my main man. Jordan is 5 and in kindergarden. He is sooooo funny. The way kids percieve things and the stuff they say at this age is halarious!!! He's an awesome big brother to Destiny and keeps smiles on her face too!!! I was a teeny bit nervous to bring home a new baby since for almost a full 5 yrs (he turned 5 three mos after she was born) he's been my one and only...but there wasn't and still isn't a jealous bone in this guys body!!! He's the best and he loves to help out with EVERYTHING!!! I couldn't have asked for a better boy thean the one I have!!! Mom loves you so much Jordy boy!!!
Well, I'm exhausted and heading to bed. I have got a Royal Ball to attend tomorrow with Princess Destiny. Poor Prince Jordan has to miss it because this is his weekend away:( We sure do miss him when hes gone. Til tomorrow...luv ya!

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